Mr. Leibowitz has been engaged in a general civil trial practice for forty years. He has numerous reported and unreported cases at the appellate level a few of which are cited below:

Creative Displays, Inc. v. City of Pigeon Forge, 576 S.W.2d 356 (Tenn. App.1978)

Waters v. State ex rel. Schmutzer, 583 S.W.2d 756 (Tenn. 1979)

Hardin v. Caldwell, 695 S.W.2d 189 (Tenn. App. 1985)

Lamar Advertising Co. v. Town of Farragut, 1986 WL 2639, not reported

State of Tennessee, ex rel., Commissioner, Department of Transportation, v. Lawrence W. Towe, Jr., et al., 1987 WL 12398 (Tenn. Ct. App.), not reported

State ex rel. Com'r of Dept. of Transp. v. M.G. Burdette Gas Products Co., 1990 WL 205217, not reported

Creative Displays, Tennessee v. City of Knoxville, 905 S.W.2d 175 (Tenn. App. 1995)

Lamar Advertising of Tennessee v. City of Knoxville, Tenn. App., April 17, 1997 (03A01-9609-CH-00294), 1997 WL 170304, not reported

Rankin ex rel. Rankin v. Generali-U.S. Branch, 986 S.W.2d 237 (Tenn. App. 1998)

Eller Media Co. v. City of Memphis, Tenn. App., November 26, 2008 (M2006-02212-COA-R3-CV), 2008 WL 5330431, not reported

Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County by and through the Office of the Assessor of Property v. Lamar Tennessee, LLC, Tenn. App., September 17, 2009 (M2009-00266-COA-R3-CV), 2009 WL 4642618, not currently reported

Lamar Tennessee, LLC v. Murfreesboro Bd. of Zoning Appeals, Tenn. App., May 21, 2010 (M2009-01456-COA-R3-CV), 2010 WL 1742077, not currently reported

Lamar Tennessee, LLC v. Metropolitan Bd. Of Zoning Appeals, Tenn. App., March 5, 2010, (M2007-00883-COA-R3-CV), 2010 WL 761290, not currently reported

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